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  • The museum is closed until April

Summer evening tours
at Mémorial du Linge

An unusual nocturnal tour of the battlefield

Reservations required

Every summer, Mémorial du Linge invites you to take part in an astonishing nocturnal tour of the historic site. The tour begins at dusk and immerses you in a world of sounds and sights, in the midst ofa carefully staged and moving experience.


tour dates not yet known


by reservation only

12 per person
Children under 10 not admitted
Online booking


of the visit

The tour lasts 1h30

Good to know

our recommendations

The tour takes place outdoors, so bring appropriate clothing as it can be cool at altitude, even in summer. 

It's a battlefield, and there are places where you could fall. So be careful! 

Dogs are not allowed on site (except guide dogs).


cars, motorcycles and bicycles

The museum has parking facilities for cars and motorcycles, as well as bicycle parking.

  • Nya_Lolita

    The night tour is impressive, you learn a lot by adding sensations. I recommend the night tour ❤️ Thanks also for the book recommendation ☺️

    Summer guided tours

    In July and August, we offer guided tours of the battlefield. A 3-hour hike, accompanied by a guide with a passion for history, to discover what went on behind the scenes of the war.