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  • Ouvert tous les jours de 9h à 12h30 et de 14h à 18h

Visit the Linge Memorial
individually / adults

At the heart of history: explore Mémorial du Linge and this Great War battle


A visit to Mémorial du Linge is a great opportunity to get a bird's eye view of the Vosges mountains. A visit to the trenches provides an insight into the daily lives of the soldiers and the reality of the fighting in the First World War. Visits are free of charge. In July and August, we offer guided tours and evening visits.

A complete experience combining history, emotion and contemplation.

Opening hours

from 01 May to 11 November 2024

Open every day
from 9 am to 12.30 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm


per adult over 16

6 € for self-guided tour
10€ for guided tour in summer
12€ for night tour in summer
Credit card accepted

Visit duration

Self-guided tour

The film lasts 20 minutes, and you'll need a good half-hour to visit the museum, depending on your level of interest. The trench tour varies in difficulty, from 30 minutes to 1h30.

Good to know

our recommendations

Dogs are not allowed (except guide dogs).
Please wear proper footwear when walking through the trenches.
You are in an area of remembrance, and we encourage you to behave respectfully .


of the visit

Explanatory panels in French, German and English accompany the tour.


cars, motorcycles and bicycles

The museum has parking facilities for cars and motorcycles, as well as bicycle parking.


eating and drinking

Please bring your own drinks, as it's not possible to buy food or drink on site. The nearest refreshment points are the Glassborn or Mussmiss farm inns (less than 2km away).
There are3 picnic tables 50 m away in the nearby forest.

Guided tours

in summer

In season, the Memorial's team of volunteers offers you guided walks and night tours. Our guides are passionate and inexhaustible when it comes to sharing the site's history with you and bringing the Battle of the Linge to life.

A beautiful place of remembrance

"A beautiful place of remembrance that should be much better known and brought to the fore. Well done to the volunteers who are doing a wonderful job restoring and conserving the trenches, as well as fitting out the museum, which is funded exclusively by donations. Many thanks to you all.

5 stars
"5 stars for this well-maintained memorial site and for the museum staff, who are always ready to help. Accessible by various hiking trails (the one from the Wettstein pass is very good!) or directly by car. Parking and access for people with reduced mobility."
It's always very moving to be on a historic site, with so many emotions. So many lives lost, a duty of memory to be preserved.
"Site of a ferocious battle in 1915 where 17,000 men lost their lives. A site well maintained by volunteers where you can get a feel for the war of position. A nice little museum to boot. Highly recommend."
Super museum
Superb museum, with many exhibits and staging. In one room, a video is projected to explain the battle, which is a little-known part of our history. Outside, the site gives an idea of the scale of the fighting that took place, with well-preserved remains to the fore, and several circuits allowing visitors to wander through the trenches and shelters for varying lengths of time.
A must for children and teenagers
A moving look back at man's folly and self-sacrifice. Respect Many thanks to the people who maintain this place of memory.

    Memory trails

    Discover the history of the First World War on the region's historic trails. These trails reveal the preserved remains of trenches and firing positions, bearing witness to the courage of the soldiers who defended this strategic region.

    In the heart of the Vosges' remarkable landscapes, these historical walks invite you to relive an important page of our past.