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  • Re-opening of the museum on 01 May 2024

Summer guided tours
at Mémorial du Linge

A 3-hour hike accompanied by a volunteer guide with a passion for history

Every summer, Mémorial du Linge invites you to get off the beaten track and take part in one of our summer tours. Our guides, knowledgeable about the site and its history, take you beyond the classic battlefield tour. This guided tour is a 3-hour hike through the trenches and the Linge battlefield. 

Discover the inner workings of the war and the organization of the front, the slopes and quarries of the Schratzmännele, the Combe trenches, the French outpost at Glasborn and the marks left by the poilus from 1915 to 1918.


du 11 juillet au 29 août

tous les jeudis
rdv à 14h au musée


on site or online

10 €  par personne
Carte de crédit acceptée
Accès au musée après la visite ou le lendemain
Réserver en ligne


of the visit

The hike lasts 3 hours

Good to know

our recommendations

Hiking shoes and clothing strongly recommended. The level of difficulty of the hike is high, with pronounced changes in altitude: the visit is not recommended for people in poor physical condition. The guides reserve the right to refuse a visitor who is insufficiently equipped or in insufficient physical condition.

It's a battlefield, and there are places where you could fall. Be careful! Children must remain under adult supervision.

Dogs are not allowed on site (except guide dogs).


cars, motorcycles and bicycles

The museum has parking facilities for cars and motorcycles, as well as bicycle parking.


eating and drinking

Please bring your own drinks, as it's not possible to buy food or drink on site. The nearest refreshment points are the Glassborn or Mussmiss farm inns.

  • loicv0
    Exceptional grand tour
    We took the Thursday tour with our 15-year-old daughter and it was exceptional, with a guide who is passionate and fascinating. The tour/walk lasts more than 3 hours, but it goes by very quickly.
  • kimberlaide
    Memorial Linge guided tour
    We took the "grand tour" with a passionate and fascinating guide. The tour took us on a grand stroll through the remains of the German and French trenches, where the point of history is still very much present. The guide explained many details that we would otherwise have missed. The walk lasted over 3 hours: good shoes and plenty of water were required to get the most out of it. Well done to all the volunteers.
  • Millet Eric
    What a wonderful experience and discovery.
    I advise you to take the guided tour to get all the explanations you need to understand the facts and battles on the site. No reservation necessary, just be there around 1345hr and pay the visit to the volunteers (10€). This site is not accessible to PRM AND PETS (out of respect). You'll need good shoes, a backpack with water and cookies (more or less a 4hr walk). Possibility of visiting the museum and part of the site (+/_0130hr). The guide was great, very knowledgeable about his subject and the whole 14/18 story. Suitable for children from 7/8 years. WC in the museum. A must-see for the whole family.

    Night tours

    In July and August, we offer guided tours of the battlefield at night. A unique experience in the middle of the trenches!