Accessing to museum gives you free visit of the battlefield.
Guided tours only availables on prior and mandatory reservation by email 
for 15 people at least
Take care ! Pets and especially dogs (expect guide dogs) are not allowed as the battlefield which is a graveyard where many soldiers still lie on.

 Free tour on the battlefield  

Three tours are marked with colored marking :

Blue Easy tour for discovering what the battlefield looked like in an easy walk. About 1h.

Longer tour, no major issue, gives you a more precise overlook via immerging in the german defense system. About 1h30/2h

Black For good and well equipped walkers, you'll discover the whole battlefield up to 3rd lines where you'll discover german shelters in a quite good conservation . Some parts are difficult especially in wet conditions.

All along these three tours, you'll have markings and explanations with WW1 pictures and plans. They'll show your location and historical context about strategy, living conditions and logistical issues in mountain environment.

A french language booklet is available for families with children.

These booklets are supposed to build an interaction between children and parents. Ask them when buying your tickets children "play" archeolog and historian "role" and must discover all along your visit answer to the questions in the booklets.
Parents have a special version with answers and help the children giving them clues and validating their answers .

Keys :

For both tours, we encourage you to wear good walking shoes. Some parts are slidy in case of wet conditions (rain, fog, etc).

You'll walk on a battlefield where some parts can be dangerous with falling risk for unsupervised children. Be careful, you're responsable for your children !


 Guided tour –  (rate +1€ / each) :  

Guided tour is an explanation on the battlefield .

Recommended  group is 20 people per guide.

Two tours are possible :

  1. Blue : about 1h
  2. Red : about 1h45

Choice of the tour is given according to physical condition of the group, available time and meteorological conditions.

All our (only) volunteer guides have a good knowledge of the site and events that occured there, ask them for details !

Our guides can decide if a visitor is or not able to follow the tour according to equipment or physical condition.
If a visitor doesn't stick to guide decision, his own responsability is engaged.